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  The history of poetry is very old. It was born Aftera very short timefrom the begining of human being.

The most important side ofthe poetry isthat expresseshuman feelings. Poetry is human gene map. Poetry is human emotion and the door to love. That’s why we love poetry.

The old humans were sensitive. They had passions. They had liked everything about life. They had fallen in love. They had expressed all that they liked by poetry. They had wrote the poems about their lives and loves. They had had not facilities but had emotions. They had a hearth.

It is understood that; poetry is our life. Poetry comes from life. Poetry is in real life and meaning of life. Poem contains every emotions. Poetryisthe oldestform of art which is indispensable. There are also many poems about nations and historical events. Poetry is in historical roots.

Poetryhas longmanaged to reachup to the presentdate and is divided into varieties. In our age poetry has a strong position. Poetry never dies. Human finds himself in poetry.

Poetry is the name of love. Man can express emotions with poetry. Women can understand emotions with too… Poetry is the road to agreement. I know anybody who doesn’t love poem. Poetry is powered by life. Life is heart’s blood of the poetry.

It is hard to be a poet. It is not easy to come out of community. That’s why; poets is accepted in society. Sociallyacceptedform of artnever dies. Anyone whoreadspoetry, but everyonecan not writepoetry. Poetry creates language and allows. Poetry plant dreams and open horizon. How toenjoypoetryreadtheir own languageisa foreignperson,is not it? The countries and feelings are different but emotions are the same. Poetry engages at this point. If you have your own feelings now; I reached my goal. It is not possibleto stay out ofemotionand poetry. We have an essence. Poetry is an essence of human. In essence, everything that exists reachespeople.

Artcame into being withthe human mind. The human mind depends on the hearth. Heartdominates thehuman mind. And thenpeopledevelopemotionalintelligence. Last of all human can write poetry. The poet’semotionalintelligencehas evolved. The poet’s are social human and communication expert.

There is no needto understand thepoemto lovepoetry. Poetry isemotionitself. Emotion is inside of human. Loveis an emotion that human can fill up. Poetryis life andlifeispoetry


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This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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