Eglė Kordiukovaitė

by Eglė Kordiukovaitė (LT)

Ode of Ata Ata

Ata ata Ataturk, you are the ‘Father of the Turk’

Everybody raises hands for You

And stand for a minute in a queue.

You had such beautiful mustaches,

And in your ashtray you left lots of ashes.

You cared about everybody,

Thast why they are making tattoo of you

In their body.

In peoples lifes you were like a boom,

Thats why they are keeping your photo

In every market, school and room.

They were nodding their head,

When you said :

,, Hey, lets change a dress‘‘.

And you were an example of a good soldier,

And in the same time you ruled a country

And was a soldier…

In the same time…in the same time…

Once upon a time, a time saved your life

Maybe it was God, or maybe a sign?

And its really doesnt matter

Who saved your life in Canakale,

Even if it was just a pocket watch,

Which was breathing with the same rythm as your heart.

But the bullet was immediately caught

And probably at that moment you said:

,, oh thank You God‘‘…

You had a blue eyes,

So maybe thats why

You were breaking others like ice.

When enemies ship came to Istanbul

You just quietly whispered

,,Just turn around and go through that seaside blue‘‘.

Maybe it was hard for you to trust somebody,

But life was greatful for you and gave you buddy.

People says ,,dog is the man‘s best friend‘‘

And they were right

Because Foks was always by your side.

You were reading books and writing them

You were a master of the pen.

Turkey had a war with France

But you made it perfectly,

Like your Zeybek dance.

People said you should be strict and hard

Like leather,

But you said ,,no‘‘

,,Democracy is better‘‘.


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