Association Baltic Turkish Culture Academy (Lithuania)

Association Baltic Turkish Culture Academy was established in 2008 to develop cultural relations between European and Turkish countries.  We  arrange a lot of  seminars, festivals, conferences, art exhibitions, concerts and so on. Our association is located in the centre of Vilnius (Lithuanian capital). We also  provide seminars that aim successful integration of migrants in Lithuania. We participate in various local actions projects, promoting tolerance and language learning.


Présence et Action culturelles (Belgium)

Présence et Action culturelles is a non profit association which organizes cultural events in the french-speaking area of Belgium. Our slogan is “Acting with culture”.  Presence et Action culturelles use culture in order to develop people’s abilities to criticize society, the way it works, and the social inequalities that it generates. Our aims are to emancipate people, individually and collectively, to develop watchfulness and civic commitment, to struggle against any form of discrimination, to promote cultural diversity and international solidarity.

ARIADNA- Asociatia Femeilor Jurnaliste din Romania (Romania)

Date of establishment :  July 31, 1992, Court decision 275 , Sector 1 Bucharest Court
Organization goal : gender issues, promoting women activism  in civil society
Preoccupations: culture, media, gender issues, political participation, education, images of women (media, arts), violence against women, women studies, women human rights, peace & armed conflicts, children in need.
NGO activities: symposiums (“Women in politics”), cultural events-book launching, university lectures (Dalles People’s University-1992-1993 :”Women Planet”), Club Ariadna, poetry shows, theatre play „Maria Tanase” 1993; press works for promoting women image ( radio & TV programs features, essays, books); Stop violence! Mass media and violence against women PHARE LIEN  financed programme (1996-1997) , GE-ME-RO – Gender  –  Media – Romania (Women  and Media in the Romanian Post-communist Society) in co-operation with International Training Centre for Women (ITW), Amsterdam (1998-2000) in Matra for Democracy  and No Violence in the Third Millennium – Women Against Violence (1999) USIS financed programme, in co-operation with  the Institute for Crime Prevention of  Romanian Police and etc.

Connexion Roumanie

Connexion Roumanie  (France)

Association aims to promote Romanian culture in Europe, in the context of Romania’s EU integration and intercultural dialogue and promote active European citizenship.
Activities:Meetings, debaters, concerts, performances in France, Belgium and the Republic of Moldova in partnership with various associations and organizations that Romanian House in Paris, ICR Paris,  ICR Brussels, Paris House of Student Initiatives etc.; In 2011 in co-operation with two other partners it initiated the Grundtvig-funded program “Voix des Femmes”; Participation with its own stand at book fairs in Paris (2007, 2008), Brussels (2011), Education Fair in Paris (2007) etc.

JBF Bildungscenter (Germany)

JBF Bildungscenter, founded in 1986, is a competence center for education, training services and social work in the field of integration for resettlers and immigrants. The institute is ac-credited and licensed by the Federal German Authority for Migration and Refugees and is offering integration and language courses according to the German Federal Immigration Act.
Our courses are characterized by their high customer orientation, thanks to our perfectly tailored education concepts which does not only mean the implementation of innovative teaching methods but also the combination of traditional courses with innovative learning and teaching concepts.  JBF provides conceptional and methodical teaching and learning methods offering assistance for self organized learning combined with classical education and training opportunities.Furthermore, JBF is supporting future employers thanks to our overall system concept „Pro-fessional Integration of Foreign Employees“ which prepares immigrant labourers for their starting to working life in Germany.Since 1990, JBF provides courses with func-tional literacy programmes, courses for women, parents, young adults, supporting and inten-sive courses, which plays an essential role in the context of integration.From the initial consultation to the basic and advanced language courses and furthermore to an orientation course regarding social life in Germany, JBF is offering integrated support for all levels. One of our very successful concepts in the field of German language courses is our special concept „Learning by Music“. JBF is providing a social service in order to meet with the integration process defined by the German Authority for Migration and Refugees.

Xena Centro Scambi e Dinamiche interculturali (Italy)

The Xena Association is well known for its 17 year experience of project management in the field of E.U. programmes and this will contribute to the project quality. Its main objective is to increase and improve the level of contact and interaction amongst different cultures. Based in Padua, it is a non-profit association for the social promotion. Founded in 1995, it works in the field of intercultural and non-formal education, vocational training,  guidance, promotion of active citizenship. It has always promoted both local and international projects, mainly in the frame of European Programmes  (currently “Youth in Action”, “Lifelong Learning”: “Leonardo da Vinci”, “Grundtvig”). It has been a member of the information network Eurodesk for ten years; since 2010 it is part of the Euroguidance network. It is a training board accredited by the Veneto Region for guidance, with a special focus on international mobility. Concerning the expertise in the sector of the project, it worked in Grundtvig projects on the intercultural competencies of European project coordinators in adult education and on a workshop developing literature and creativity in an intercultural environment.

Başak Elmas Liseleri Mezunları Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Derneği (Turkey)

 Our organization is non profit and not govermental organization which was founded for establisihing cooperation and solidarity between Başak and Elmas Secondary Schools alumni.
Every year we are preparing different education activities (conferences, seminars, meetings etc.) for our alumni and for Konya people also.
Our aims are :
a. To ensure solidarity among people;
b. To develop people culturally and socially,
c. To protect the cultural heritages;
d. To inform people about education and training;
e. To arrange cultural and sportive activities;
f. To arrange local, national and international trips;
g. To promote peace and tolerance among people.


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